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August 01, 2006



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The other day 3 baby finches fell out of my tree. so i picked them up. one had already passed and another passed later.
I still have one but then my chicken got ahold of it and injured its wing.
is there a way to put a sling on it or something so it will heal right and it'll be aable to fly?


I love birds...my parents do everything they can to attract birds to their farm.

robyn bedsaul

Hi Paula! I came by your blog by way of someone elses blog but anyway...

I hope this will make you feel a bit better about the finches...I have an indoor aviary (not that I really know what I'm doing or anything) but we started out with 2 little zebra finches and I thought they needed an nest. They sure looked so cute going in and out of it with their goodies of twine and passe' scrapbook fibers. Well, needless to say a year later we had 13 little finches!!! I found that by the time they mustered the courage to take that first frightful flight from the nest they were ALWAYS able to make it back eventually. I bet your little feathered friend was just fine too! Cute post and great pics!

Fran aka Redondowriter

I thought you had stopped posting--so was delighted to see you did revisit Apprentice of Wonder with the finch family story. More, Paula--more!

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